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Children - Keeping yourself safe

Here are a number of external services we feel you and your child can benefit from, here are a few.

NSPCC is the leading children's charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands. They help children who’ve been abused to rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse from ever happening.

ChildLine is a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people up to their 19th birthday in the UK provided by the NSPCC. ChildLine deals with any issue which causes distress or concern, common issues dealt with include child abuse, bullying, mental illness, parental separation or divorce.

Bullying UK
Pupils can find help on dealing with violence and name calling, racism, hi-tech bullying like happy slapping, text bullying by phone and abusive websites, falling out with friends, bullying on the school bus and walk to school, body language and how to help someone being bullied. There is also advice for pupils who are bullies.