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Curriculum Strategy

The National curriculum is just one element in the education of every child.

At THS we firmly believe that whilst we follow the requirements of the National Curriculum, there is time and space in the school day, each week, term and year to range beyond its specifications. It is during these opportunities that we make our Flying Start curriculum bespoke to our school, for our specific learners.

To explain further, the National Curriculum provides only an outline of core knowledge, around which skilled leaders and teachers develop exciting and stimulation lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum. Therefore, pupils at Thomas Hickman School are exposed to our Contagious and Courageous flying Start Curriculum, which is creative, rich and deep, but most importantly distinctive; designed to meed individual needs.

It is ‘contagious’ because we want all children to ‘catch’ learning - there is nowhere to hide from it, every minute of every day is a learning opportunity.

It is ‘courageous’ because we won’t narrow the curriculum to isolate ‘Maths and English’ lessons, and we won’t teach to tests. We will not stop the curriculum in the Spring term to ‘cram’ for SATS. We will be brave and deliver PE or wider curriculum lessons first thing in the morning if we choose and consider how English and Maths can be incorporated into these.

We have invested in subject specialist teachers for Performing Arts, ICT, Sports and MFL - we want the quality of the delivery to be the best it can be to inspire the children, giving them a Flying Start in life.

Teachers base our curriculum on the ‘Cornerstones’ model to guide our Field of Study planning. This will always include a ‘WOW’ immersive starter to launch the children into their Field of Study, a trip or visitor each half term, to enhance their learning experiences and lastly, the Field of Study ends with a ‘Fabulous Finale’ to share learning with our parents and carers.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding the curriculum, please contact Claire Osborne via the school office by calling 01296 485683 or sending an email to