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Managing Behaviour At THS - Hand On Heart Approach

Managing Behaviour And Building Relationships At Thomas Hickman School

Staff at THS know that emotionally available adults in school who have a strong relationship with a child can redirect a child’s future. 

 Therefore, staff work tirelessly to:

  • Understand a child’s ‘story’ – what’s happened to them in their little lives so far, not ‘what’s wrong with them’?
  • Develop secure attachments with the children in their care
  • Ensure that children are kept safe, are seen and soothed and that they feel secure.  
  • Help children to understand how the 3 main areas of the brain work to support their emotional literacy, co-regulation and, ultimately, work towards self-regulation all of which are far more challenging for a child with ACES.

Hand on Heart underpins our approach to managing behaviour at THS.

It is a whole school approach that encompasses TIS alongside Norfolk Steps ‘Step-on’ methodology to ensure that our school community is a place where children are ready to be curious, take flight and learn well, leading to a sky of opportunity and a successful adult life.